Allegra Rose Berger awoke from the five hour flight from Newark, New Jersey to Guatemala City, as the flight attendant spoke over the speaker, “Please prepare for landing.” Sleepy-eyed and exhausted from excitement, she sat up in her seat and gazed out the small window two seats down, watching the tiny lights of a new city grow brighter and bigger with each passing moment. 

3-2-1 she counted in her head, as she had so done so many times before, as the plane was just about to touch the tarmac. A thrill of adventure awakened her as she wandered the airport, and boarded a bus that would take her to some unknown place. In the darkness of Guatemala city, she drove in the night under street lamps and winding roads, approaching ominous yet magical giant forms in the distance. An hour seemed to pass in an instant, as cries of wondrous laughter rang out among the twenty-somethings. Silhouettes of palm fronds swayed as the bus rushed past the humming jungle, as her brunette curls danced wildly in the wind from the open bus windows. She leaned back in her seat, with a heavy camera bag in her lap, and breathed with the rhythms of the cobblestone streets.