Well, the lighting was decent at least.

Josiah Tillman was standing in the middle of Central Park in Antigua, Guatemala. His professors had told him that there would be a critique tonight, so he knew that this was his chance to prove himself. He circled the ornate fountain in the center of the park and tried to find a better subject. His blonde hair attracted the glances of a few Guatemalans, who then saw the large Canon T5i around his neck and looked away, not wanting to be the next victim of the camera’s gaze. 

Josiah stopped, seeing a couple of children racing each other a little further down the park path. They’re coming right towards me, he thought. Josiah looked around, and knew that he would need to get down to their level if he wanted to capture this moment properly. He laid down his pride, pulled up his camera, and knelt down on his left knee. He looked through the eyepiece on the camera, saw the two children running towards him... and… *click* Got ‘em.