Carlo Holmberg sticks out like a street performer in the middle of Antigua’s Central Park. He sports maroon cargo shorts while they sport black dress pants. He’s dressed in a beige, baggy v-neck, while they’re dressed in tailored sports jackets. He wears the colors of Antigua on his forehead, while they wear laminated name tags. His small Canon camera hardly compares to the professional grade equipment, carried by Taiwanese journalists, that click and flash as the paparazzi shuffles him down 5a Avenida Notre.

In a Hail Mary position, Holmberg extends his Canon Rebel t5i up and over the heads of photographers, reporters and journalists, to try and capture a moment. He lets the shutter go several times. Knowing that he might miss a something crucial, he takes only seconds to review the shots.

“I need to be closer,” Holmberg thinks to himself.

In an effort to get in good position, Holmberg cradles his camera, jukes left and right, ducks under outstretched limbs, and stiff-arms paparazzi. He orients himself and finds he is within arm’s lengths away from Jimmy Morales, the president of Guatemala. Morales is nestled  between Tsai Ing-wen (president of Taiwan) to his left, and Susana Asensio (mayor of Antigua), at his right.

The scene freezes for a split second. Holmberg takes a deep breath, holds the shutter halfway down, waits for a moment, click, click, click, then exhales. The scene was paused long enough for him to capture Morales with his one hand on Asensio’s back and the other extended to the crowd.