7:30 a.m. on Friday I rise out of my king-size bed in Quinta De Las Flores to begin getting ready to visit Guatemala City. Crunching on my strawberry jam covered toast, I slowly sip on steaming coffee and listen to announcements of our schedule for the day.

Once breakfast is finished we find our bus driver, Juan, waiting outside the hotel entrance. I step up onto the bus and sit down in a solitary seat. Opening my window, I grab my camera so I can shoot photos once we are off the bouncy, cobblestone road. It’s impossible to do anything with all of the bumps on Antigua roads. Looking through my window I don’t see much other than the black, long, winding roads.

As we start driving through the different zones of Guatemala City I see stores such as Forever 21 and Burger King, making it feel similar to home. I know, however, I’m a stranger to this place.

The driving here is crazy. Motorcycles and mopeds weave through traffic like they have somewhere important to be. The lanes are so narrow. The laws seem nonexistent. If I wanted to, I could reach my hand out of the bus window and touch another car.

First stop – UFM –the university our Guatemalan partners Rafa, Isa, Chatal and Nataly attend. Walking onto campus it doesn’t look like a university or like a school. In fact, it looks like a park with security guards.

Second stop – Saul Bistro – for lunch. Here I order a smoothie with a margarita pizza. Why is it that here in Guatemala everything seems to taste so much better?

Third stop – Milk n’ Cookies – a interactive communication agency that helps companies with digital developments.

Fourth stop – Nomada  – a feminist newspaper.

Both businesses are interesting to see and learn about.

Our fifth and last stop – La Esquina – for dinner. Once I order my strawberry smoothie, fries and panini I quickly sit down at the table to eat.

After a long day of traffic and travel we head back to our hotel in Antigua.

Entering Casita 1, I slowly walk up the stairs to my king-size bed.

I need sleep.