I think our Guatemalan sources will be overjoyed to see what we made! The purpose of the magazine was to tell the story of Guatemalans and show what the country is like though the lives of individuals and we did just that.

Gabriel was thrilled and excited to tell his story when we first asked him about it, so I’m sure he would feel the same when he sees his story printed for others to read. Eynard would probably be a little shy and bashful to see our article on him, much like how he was when we gasped in awe at his story. Those at Los Patojos would probably laugh and point out how funny each of them look in the photographs. They would tease each other incessantly, for sure. 

I think each of them would be grateful and happy to have been a part of a magazine such as this one. For some reason, when you tell someone that you are making a magazine they love the idea. I think there isn’t enough information that gets out to the world about Guatemala. In today’s society one needs a coup, a murderer or a corrupt official to get something written about their country. However, once we take some time to stop and look at the ordinary, everyday people of Guatemala, their stories are just as interesting and more powerful than those of people in the limelight.