Through the window of the car, I could see the maize fields go on to what felt like forever. I was trying to see my country through their eyes. Mattie and Alayna were beside me, soaking a new facet of Guatemala, different from touristic Antigua.

The adobe houses, big pines, and colorful huipiles passed through the window while I wonder a lot of “how´s”: “How can I illustrate with grey and not black and white the lives of many poor Guatemalans? How can I explain complex problems and even more solutions? How can I put my feelings and ideologies aside while explaining tough subjects? How can I learn from them too?”

Lately, I’ve tried to not condemn the poor or rich as good or bad. I have tried to see beyond the obvious and seek real solutions. But this is a long process, and I am just a student who is still learning. Sometimes it is hard. You feel foolish or even demented trying to see potential in hardness and in scarcity, to find good in what feels unjust. I feel like I have half answers in my search for prosperity. But life is what it is, and you have to try your best at it. To create real solutions and see people with dignity and love even when you don't agree with a lot of pseudo answers.