Claudia Rancati, 26,  scansEl Marcadito de Lola in Guatemala City Jan.14. Limonada Bandida, a group of Guatemalan musicians and artists, weave their music through a the small crowd. New melodies, harmonies, and rhythms flow into Rancati’s ears. 

She can tell others are hearing the same thing when she watches people clap and swing along to the beat. The sight of the crowd absorbing the music puts a grin on her face. Between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., people of all sorts make their way in and out of the restaurant. Excitement arises within her. This is what Plataforma is about. This is what it should look like. 

“We try to create a specific ambiance, like really art friendly,” Rancati said.

Plataforma is an organization, based out of Guatemala City, that finds venues that can host musicians, as well as local artists and designers, to create a full artistic experience. They create opportunities for emerging bands who create original sounds and lyrics. 

“We want to get people who make their own music,” Rancati mentions.

The idea of Plataforma originated from the heart Maria Fernanda Ríos, one of Rancati’s best friends, in 2014. Fernanda Rios knows the struggle of making a living with music in Guatemala. Even though music is big part of the culture, nameless bands and musicians have a drunk “fan section” and are paid with free beer. Fernanda Rios wanted more for aspiring artists, like herself. When Rancati heard the proposal she was immediately all in. 

“We’re trying to see the future,” Rancati said.

She creates invites for gigs via Facebook and Instagram. Word of Plataforma organized events get around by these two major social network. Along with running the social media side of Plataforma, Rancati works at Milano, a bakery in Guatemala City owned by her father.

“I don’t expect a profit from (Plataforma),” Rancati said. “I just love it.” 

Music continually plays while local artists, painters and designers display their skills and talents. Any profit left after all expenses are paid go to the performers.

It has its own nature. It will go little by little. I just want it to be alive, I want it to make a difference.
— Claudia Rancati

Every show is a different artist who performs at a different venue. Rancati and her phone don’t get much rest. It is unusual for her to go long period of time without getting a phone call, text, or an email, from enthusiastic artists wanting to to be part of Plataforma.